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Fishing with BBQ Dinner

Just inform us 1 day before your planned date of fishing and let us handle the rest. Our Vehicle will take you the harbour around 5:25 pm where the boat will be waiting for you. The boat will leave around 5:30 and will be back around 8:30 pm to the harbour with all the fish you caught. We will take some snacks with us to eat while fishing and Captains and Crews will be extremely helpful in teaching you or assisting you during the trip Again our vehicle will take you to hotel and we will be doing BBQ with you at Hotel and serve you with choice of your food. Everything is flexible here, you can keep your fishes for next day and ask us to prepare it for you until your stock is over. There are two spots the boats normally go for fishing one is near the island and the other is a reef a bit far from Thoddoo so the prices would vary depending on the spot you choose to go. And of course if you choose to go to the reef it will take longer time too.




Take part in the best snorkelling experience in Maldives where you will get lost in a world of turtles, baby sharks octopus and various colourful fish and corals. It will approximately an hour and time could according to your priority.


Sandbank Trip


Have you ever been to a Sandbank which is a small island of only sand found in the middle of a shallow lagoon. Start the trip right after breakfast around 8am and reach there in just 25 minutes. Enjoy snorkelling, fish feeding or just relaxing on the beach for 3 to 4 hours and head back to Thoddoo around 1 pm. You can either order lunch from nearby island Rasdhoo or take some snacks with you.


Manta Rays


Swimming with Manta Rays is something you shouldn't miss. Head out to sea in a boat around 7am and spend an hour with these lovely creatures.

Beach Dinner
Have dinner at the beach viewing magical sunset. The calming sound of waves and winds will give you an amazing memory.
Farm Tour
Greenery of Thoddoo is something you shouldn't leave unexplored so take a tour into the local farms connect with farmers and taste the fresh fruits at the very farm.
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